📍Bruges, Belgium 🇧🇪

Imagine getting in a car in London, falling asleep and waking up in Belgium?!

Waitttt, not like that. Sounds like the start of a Liam Neeson movie. We invited 5 of you to come with us on a day trip to one of Europe's biggest Christmas markets.


5 voyagers, 4 o'clock in the morning, 3 countries, across 2 continents, all from 1 world,

Early or late, she still ATE.

We started off with brunch at Juliette. At least that was the plan before finding out they closed at noon the day we arrived. Making the most of the stroll, we turned our misfortune into a wondrous photo op! Look how cute our voyager Diana looks in her Nalu ensemble. Where we actually ended up eating was THAT'S TOAST! which we stumbled upon by accident and happened to be rated #2 top restaurant in Bruges.

Horse-drawn carriage tour.

We hopped in and let Dina (the horse) take us along winding cobblestone roads, across ancientbridges, over theBruges canals, and through the majestic marketsquares…, accompanied all the while by the relaxed rhythm of horses' hooves!None of us had ever experienced anything like it.

Belgian waffle.

Did you really go to Belgium if you didn't try a Belgian waffle from one of the many stalls at the lively Christmas market? We stuffed our faces with loads of local delicacies and bagged ourselves some souvenirs. We got the chance to visit both of Bruges Christmas markets, each with its own character.On the Markt you will find everything you can expect from a traditional Christmas market and on the Simon Stevinplein the emphasis is on short chain and craft products. From a Braadworst sausage to roasted cashew nuts, they had so much to try at the Christmas market. Once we finished eating, we made our way back to England just before midnight.