About Us

'Nalu' in Hawaiian translates to "waves" which on the surface, has obvious connotations with durag culture referring to the much desired oscillation that can form in your hair from wearing a nurag; But the term 'Nalu' has a lot more depth than this. It is less about the water itself, believed to describe its flow instead and the delicate balance of the sea.
Back and forth.
To and fro.
Yin and yang.

The WORLD OF NALU is a fashion label that looks to embrace the stigmas of culture and show it for its truth through fabrics and designs. Nalu is one of the few places left where who you are is not chosen FOR you, but chosen BY you. All products are rooted in current culture based on a concept that adapts from season to season. The core value of the brand is credence and sustainable creativity so we only employ from the best available and particular opinion regarding fabric, fit and fabrication.