We are partnering with @dogood_africa, a grassroots charity in Nigeria, to provide COVID relief in some of the most affected communities in Africa.


For every Nalu face mask you buy, we will donate several to someone in need. Our goal is to have 1,000 disposable face masks distributed to 250 households across 5 communities in the Nigerian states Lagos, Oyo and Akwa Ibom.

Purchase your mask and save a life here.

Our priority is single mothers- widowed and unmarried alike- in marginalised communities deprived of aid due to lack of access and language barriers. We plan to help distribute PPE in the following 5 communities:

  1. Agege
  2. Oje
  3. Udong Uko
  4. Urue Offonguroko
  5. Mbritam village



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